Nox Player Vs Bluestacks! Which One Is The Best Emulator For Windows PC/MAC?

When you enter the Android emulator in the search bar, you would frequently see the names Nox and Bluestacks leading the list. You are possibly wondering how one of them really performs against the other and which is better Bluestacks or nox, making it hard to decide. In this post, we are going to compare Nox Player Vs Bluestacks. You may have to download Nox Player and Bluestacks emulator to check the difference and decide which one is the best android emulator for pc. 

Nox Player Vs Bluestacks! Which One Is The Best Emulator For Windows PC/MAC?

Nox Player Vs Bluestacks – Everything You Need To Know:

With everything accessible as the smartphone tool, at times, it is quite hard to keep playing the preferred game on the phone. The battery power is limited, and the notifications from the different other apps like the messaging applications may interfere with the Gameplay, which is why many gamers now move to the Android emulators for having interrupted Gameplay on their computer. Among the different Android emulators accessible, Nox and Bluestacks are among the best because of their quality and performance.

image comparison between bluestacks vs noxplayer
Comparison Between Bluestacks Nox player – Which Is Better and Why?

About Nox Player:

The Nox Player is the android emulator initially for Mac and Windows OSs, for running your Android apps and Android OS on the computer. It is totally free, and it doesn’t comprise any premium subscription offer or any ads. Go through everything, including its features, and then decide which one will work best for you or you download Nox App Player For Windows PC and experience yourself.


Nox Player Android Emulator


  • Multi-Instances: The users can easily run several instances simultaneously for playing different games.
  • Keyboard Controls: It offers smart keyboard controls, the users can enable the keyboard mapping just in one simple click, and you can also experience the real computer gaming by setting up your mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Moreover, the Virtualization technology of this android emulator to get better performance.
  • Macro Recorder: You can also record the complex operations for future execution.
  • File Size: The file size is about 344MB.

The Nox Player is also quite a straightforward but powerful emulator. You can simply enhance gaming performance.

Keyboard Mapping:

You can make your own modified keyboard settings for playing with your preferred tools on the Nox Player. You might also configure different other keys for releasing skills or shooting at your in-game enemies.


But this android emulator takes up fewer resources on the system and works smoothly even on a middle-spec system. And it can load faster than the Bluestacks emulator with no advertisements. Nox player is the best in terms of user interface and usability, but when it comes to its performance, no one can actually beat Bluestacks and even in the standard performance test.

User Interface:

Nox player is particularly created for the newbies who are new to the android emulators. It offers an extremely straightforward yet powerful and simple to utilize user interface. After the first usage, you’ll feel like you’re utilizing your actual Android smartphone. Furthermore, with an easy and straightforward user interface, Nox player also supports a variety of customization options you can set controls to your mouse and keyboard to play your games. Nox player is actually more usable than the Bluestacks emulator.

Supports Other Android Versions:

The Nox Player is actually based on Android 4.4.2, which is quite an older version of the operating system. But what is fantastic about it is that you could really play different old games that were not actually updated for the newest version of the operating system. The Nox Player android emulator also supports versions 5.1.1 and 7.1.2 of Android.

About Bluestacks:

It is a premium windows app that the users can run Android apps from the system. It’s one of the most well-known emulators. Bluestacks has a bad performance, irritating interfaces, and more bugs that keep the Bluestacks down. The home screen is a little disappointing and confusing. You need to install the app when you click the thumbnails that take you to the play store. 

Bluestacks Android Emulator


  • Gaming Mode: Mapping can be accomplished by mouse/keyboard for enhancing gaming performance.
  • Gaming Controls: Very nice and highly customized game controlling features.
  • Multi-Instance Sync: It allows the users to replicate numerous instances in real-time.
  • Multi-Instance: It will enable users to play several games at the same time.
  • Device Profiles: You can alter the device profiles using the Bluestacks android emulator.
  • Smart Controls: The cursor can also be locked automatically in the shooting games.
  • Disk Cleanup: It provides a disk cleanup option for cleaning the junk files and increasing storage for even better performance.
  • Recording Features: You can also record a video and be capable of capturing a screenshot.
  • File Size: The file size is about 442MB.

And a lot more advanced and smart gaming features that allow the users to control the game simply and efficiently while boosting the gaming experience to the next level.

Keyboard Mapping:

The keyboard mapping feature is one of the most critical features of the Android emulator. With the help of Bluestacks 4, you can modify your keyboard controls based on the preferences. Make diverse key-maps for each game. Particular keys can be allocated to the custom tap spots on the screen. You can even make use of the mouse for aiming and shooting, which is especially helpful in shooting games such as PUBG.


When it comes to performance, the Bluestacks is a bit better than Nox; the standard performance test confirmed that if you’ve the most up-to-date system, then the Bluestacks performance is unbeatable, even in the old systems it works very well. 

User Interface:

This emulator offers numerous features for improving the better user-experience and also it provides an easy to use environment for much better interaction. You can easily set mapping using your keyboard and also can modify all the controls to your keys, i.e., you can simply append keys shortcut for controlling the games as you desire. But the overall performance will rely upon the system specification. For the smooth game performance, a little more RAM than the least amount required will be contemplated well.

Bridging Windows & Android:

While the majority of applications could be found in Microsoft and Google Play Store, a few applications have more touch-friendly versions on the Android devices. What is more, Bluestacks provides the user with the option of getting the Android-only tools on Win 10 and gives them a seamless experience on the PC.

Important Features

Security and speed are one of the most important factors for the android emulator for PC. Here is a comparison of security, speed, and other features. Which will give you clear idea which android emulator to choose.

BlueStacks Nox Player
Security Features May Need to be Disabled Do not Need to Disable
Ads Heavy Ads No Ads
Google Login Needed No need for Google Account
Speed Slow compared to Nox Faster


Nox Player and Bluestacks come with many amazing features, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. We could not truly say which one of these emulators is better nox or Bluestacks over each other since every user will have his/her own preferences when selecting a program to use.